That’s Jim. The first bizarre character that we made for one of our games. In our indiegames place we’re creating new exciting characters and objects every day. It’s a long way from the first scratch to the finished 3D-character or object, which needs a lot of attention to detail but also the courage to jettison again a large part.

The possibility to take a look on our 3D printed figures from all sides and also haptic is a big advantage. It shows in a perfect way, if the character is believable and the objects work in the game world. The printed game characters can also be used as merchandising products so the games can be experienced on different levels. On fairs and expositions are the models great eye catchers and are the crowd-pullers.

We’re looking forward to amuse our players in the future with even funnier and more convincing characters and game worlds.

“Digital game characters come to life with the help of a 3D printer.”

Yasemin Günay
Mistress of Visual Kung-Fu …and Sound Stuff at Kobold Games