Sintratec built Sintratecs with Sintratecs

It is hard to turn your visions and ideas into reality. The way to our first commercialized laser sintering system, the Sintratec Kit, was very long. We had to solve many problems and surmount various challenges. One of them was the production of the custom holder of the main focus lens.

For small scale productions and prototypes it’s difficult to find an economic solution, for new companies especially so. Our machines present a solution: fast and cheap manufacturing of prototypes, unique specimens and even end-product batches. The obvious solution: Build Sintratec Kits with Sintratec Kits – a single print job already produces 45 lens holders hassle free. We mass print our lens holders in-house!

All around the world Sintratec Kits and their built-in lens holders are clearing the way for their owners to realize their visions.

“Sintratec builts Sintratecs with Sintratecs.”

Joscha Zeltner
Sintratec AG
Head of Manufacturing