Customer Story

Every client receives a kitchen knife with a handle that is ergonomically fitting his handgrip. Thanks to an internally developed and patented technology we are able to produce kitchen knifes which are pleasant to use and impress by their elegant appearance from your 3D scanned hand. This tailor-made kitchenware offers advantages to every user no matter whether it is used on every occasion or from time to time. Professional caterers or hobby chefs equally appreciate it and enjoy the knife’s excellent power transmission to the blade each time they use it. Additionally, the knife handle can be individualized by adding the initial letters of the owner. The first knifes were delivered to our customers, including a star gourmet chef. The feedback is terrific so far and I am happy to announce that we will make these knifes available to everyone soon. Currently I am in the process of founding a startup and of improving the knife continuously with our partners. It is my goal to change the world of kitchen knifes.

“With the help of additive manufacturing everyone who enjoys cooking can have an individually made knife handle.”

Adrian Goegl
Industrial Designer