Complex, robust end products and functional prototypes

We are a young start-up company with the aim of developing a 3D printer for large components at an attractive price. In addition we offer a 3D printing service and engineering services.

Optimum characteristics

In building and developing our first printer we found that some complex components are exposed to high stress levels. The components printed with our Sintratec S1 are robust and highly temperature resistant, enabling us to sinter and test various options very quickly. Because complexity does not lead to any extra costs when employing the selective laser sintering process, we were able to design components optimally in terms of space, material and weight.

Quicker processes

The S1 is also a must for customer projects. Designs can often look good but in many cases you don’t know if they actually work until much later on. We can solve these issues much more quickly because we can use the S1 to produce a functional prototype ourselves overnight. The later a fault is found in the development process, the more expensive it is to correct. So the relatively low cost of a sintered component soon pays off. And it is also a great benefit in terms of design – concepts can be visualised in no time at all. So the S1 is a welcome addition to our printing service. Design offices in particular are increasingly making use of the premium quality SLS process.

“Durability and other positive features mean that components produced by the S1 can often be incorporated into end products,

Flurin Camenzind
Managing Director