The UK Spacemodelling Team

Weight reduction thanks to extra thin parts printed with the Sintratec Kit

The UK Spacemodelling Team is a small group of enthusiasts from all over the UK who participate at World Championship level under rules governed by the FAI (Federation Aeronautic International).

Maximise performance

The UK team is dedicated to using the best, affordable technology in an attempt to maximise performance. To date, we have used CNC machined moulds and state of the art, composite moulding techniques to produce our models. More recently we have been looking at 3D printing and have been producing some parts using Fused Filament Fabrication machines. Although the parts have performed extremely well, some compromises had to be made to the designs to accommodate the shortcomings of FFF, in particular the problems of overhangs.

Top quality at an affordable price

We have known for some time that the holy grail of current 3D printing was selective laser sintering of plastic powders but until recently those machines were way out of reach in price to hobbyists and individuals. With the Sintratec Kit our needs could finally be met at an affordable price. It enables us to push our designs still further and even past what the experts say is possible. We are already producing usable parts of just 0.5 mm wall thickness with the Sintratec Kit. We would like to go thinner but until now the slicing software does not recognize walls of less than 0.5 mm. Together with Sintratec we are exploring the possibility of thinner walls now.

“We are looking forward to showing off the Sintratec manufactured parts at the World Championships in 2018 in Poland.”

Mike Francies
Former World Champion
space model flyer