Functional prototypes and small series for custom-made ergonomic chairs

Innovative ergonomic chairs

EEM AG is a Swiss manufacturer of ergonomic chairs with its own development, production, and sales operations under the grow concept brand. Our goal is to increase people’s quality of life and companies’ economic efficiency with innovative products and services. Everything we do focuses on the person and their spine.

Custom-made components

In the health sector, it is important to adapt products to customers’ individual needs. This is why we create components which can’t simply be bought as “ready made” solutions, but which are designed to suit the demands of the user. Using the Sintratec S1, we can promptly turn new ideas into a reality and immediately put them to the test. Both the function and the design of the prototypes can be tested before an elaborate injection mold is produced for the series. Even small series are being produced with the Sintratec S1 now. In our company, the S1 runs day and night.

Movable headrest mounting bracket – printed in a single piece

Cyrill Aemisegger with an ergonomic chair

Optimum use of resources

The continual further development of our products means we need to be somewhat flexible when it comes to making prototypes. In the S1, we have found a 3D printer which meets our needs perfectly. The SLS process permits an almost limitless range of design options without any need to go through the annoying process of developing supporting structures. The printer creates parts which meet our high requirements with respect to quality and visual appearance.

“With minimal effort for setting up the print job, the S1 can work all day long without any further support, so our resources are put to optimum use.”

Cyrill Aemisegger
Head of Technology