First research group in the world using SLS technology to print medicines

FabRx is a spin-out company from the University College London (UCL) leading the development of 3D printing for fabricating medicines. Our company employs different 3D printing technologies such as FDM, SLA and SLS to manufacture Printlets™ (3D printed tablets) with a wide range of pharmaceutical excipients.

Customizable parameters

Some time ago we included a Sintratec Kit SLS printer in our armamentarium. We choose to buy a Sintratec Kit because of its open parameters. In order to print medicines, very specific parameter settings are required since drug and excipients would be completely degraded otherwise. With the Sintratec Kit the parameters like laser speed and material temperature could be finely adjusted to exactly meet our requirements.

A novelty in the pharma industry

3D printed medicines with almost any drug compound in a range of shapes, sizes, colours and textures can be produced to make them more attractive to various patient groups, particularly the young or the elderly, facilitating compliance of the treatment. We are the first research group in the world investigating SLS technology to print oral formulations. We recently published our works in the “International journal of Pharmaceutics” and following the surprising results we bought another Sintratec Kit! We are currently working on identifying and formulating a medicine that could take advantage of SLS 3D printing with the aim of bringing our product to the market. We also recently won the TCT Start Up Award 2017 with this project.

“The Sintratec Kit allows us a whole new approach to the development of new medicines.”

Fabrizio Fina
PhD student