Radiate Engineering & Design GmbH

First Steps Toward the World of Selective Laser Sintering with the Sintratec Kit

Development and Innovation

Radiate Engineering & Design GmbH, a start-up, is a composites development service provider which helps companies from the medical technology, sports and leisure, and aviation industries to optimize their value creation and supply chains. The service focuses on the development and implementation of market-ready disruptive solutions in the field of fiber composites.

Functional Prototypes

In our company, we use the Sintratec Kit in our in-house composites and prototypes lab. During the development process, it is important to check functions, shapes and processes at an early stage to ensure swift and targeted implementation of highly loaded and functional prototypes. Thanks to the Sintratec Kit, brandnew opportunities are opening up to both our customers and ourselves.

The first print job was set up once the Sintratec Kit had been assembled

Depowdering the first SLS parts

A Perfect Partner

As a start-up, investments often go hand in hand with a high degree of risk because of limited financial resources. As a result of the professional advice we received with regard to implementing the Sintratec Kit in planned projects as well as the superb support from Sintratec, we were able to significantly minimize this risk. In Sintratec, we found the perfect partner that is accompanying us on the first steps toward SLS technology and which is bringing us a major step closer to our goal of expanding in the field of “additive manufacturing”.

“We thought the advice and support provided by Sintratec was simply superb. The delivery arrived promptly and the kit was an absolute doddle to set up.”

Simon Grob
Radiate Engineering & Design GmbH
Head of Simulation Technology