Sintratec donates Sintratec Kit to Southern Union’s Additive Manufacturing Program

Opelika, Alabama (USA) – The partnership between Sintratec and the Southern Union State Community College has resulted in the donation of an elite piece of equipment for students’ use ahead of a new program offering at the college this fall.

Sintratec founder and CEO, Dominik Solenicki, travelled from Switzerland to SUSCC’s Opelika campus to hand over the Sintratec Kit for the college’s Additive Manufacturing program personally. During his talk, he explained: “Manufacturing technology is rapidly evolving, and we in the industry need bright young minds to help pave the future. I am delighted that we have found such a capable partner in Southern Union and can do our part in shaping the workforce of tomorrow.”

Courses in Additive Machine Repair

Sintratec’s partnership with Southern Union is essential to the college’s intent to offer coursework in Advanced Manufacturing with the focus on Additive Machine Repair beginning in the fall semester of this year. Students in this degree option will be introduced to additive manufacturing, gain an understanding of the overall additive process, and then move into the machine repair and maintenance aspect of the field.

Renato Gross, President of SWIGRO Additive Manufacturing, Sintratec’s local sales and service partner, expressed his support for the new program: “As a local company in Additive Manufacturing, we’re delighted with Sintratec’s contribution and the community college system’s program for developing a capable workforce to support the manufacturing industry,” he stated. “We talk daily with manufacturing customers, witnessing their demand for suitable equipment and competent people. The direction of the industry is clear: to fully integrate additive manufacturing into the traditional manufacturing process.”

Hands-on Experience with Cutting-Edge Technology

Southern Union President Todd Shackett emphasized that Sintratec’s partnership solidifies the college’s commitment to train students with the most cutting-edge technology available for them to successfully compete in Alabama’s expanding workforce. “We are so appreciative of this partnership with Sintratec. Our students will reap endless benefits from having experience in additive manufacturing, allowing them to fine-tune skills that will make them marketable not just locally, but around the world.”

Jeff Lynn, the Alabama Community College System’s Vice Chancellor of Workforce Development, summarized that Sintratec’s partnership represents just one of many current and future workforce development experiences created for students by businesses through the ACCS. “Industry will always know best what type of training is critical for companies’ far-reaching success,” Lynn stated. “It’s about building a world-class workforce that is prepared for careers, not just jobs.”

About SUSCC and ACCS
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Headquartered in Auburn, Alabama, SWIGRO focuses on providing the industry with advanced additive manufacturing equipment, solutions and materials with leading cost benefit. The company also provides custom manufacturing of components and tooling using state-of-the-art additive manufacturing equipment and processes.