The Potential of
Selective Laser Sintering

We held the first Sintratec Webinar with pioneering additive designer Stephan Henrich. In the exclusive course, Henrich introduced the viewers to the fascinating world of the different additive technologies and especially Selective Laser Sintering with its many possibilities, its advantages and disadvantages. Rewatch the Webinar for free and gain insight on how a leading AM professional designs!

Exclusive opportunity
for Webinar viewers

Do you have a fascinating 3D design that you always wanted to hold in your own hands? Now is your chance: Send us your 3D model, we will print and ship it to you and then feature it on our channels. The first 10 lucky people will receive their part printed by our new Sintratec S2 system – of course so long as the design is printable in its form. Reach out to us via E-Mail at and make sure to use the subject line “Webinar”.

For more information about our technology please don’t hesitate to contact us via the form below!

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Stephan Henrich
Pioneering Designer and Architect

Henrich is no stranger to 3D printing: The German based architect has fundamentally adapted his designing process based on the new freedoms gained by advanced additive technologies. Thanks to SLS in particular, he has realized projects such as movable chairs and tables, intricate wallets or ‘robotic-infected’ textiles.