Anti Touch Keychain Tool

Designer Stephan Friedrich created an Anti Touch Keychain Tool against the COVID-19 pandemic – we 3D printed it on the Sintratec S2 system and our team uses it daily to open public doors or to type in credit card pins.

Creative minds all over the world are working hard to support the public in this time of crisis by means of 3D printing. One of them is German based Designer Stephan Friedrich. To reduce COVID-19 infections in public he designed an Anti Touch Keychain Tool, small enough to carry in your pocket. The tip of the tool can be extended and retracted by means of a snap mechanism, sealing it off safely even after touching potentially contaminated surfaces – simple, but brilliant. In the video you can see a few of the many applications, ranging from opening public doors to typing in credit card pins.

Stephan Friedrich has made the design file publicly available, so you can download and 3D print your own: Download STL

Interested in buying one 3D printed instead? Directly order it from the Kanqoon webshop.