Flying through the air with SLS

Cyrill Aemisegger is a passionate skydiver and equally enthusiastic about 3D printing. To combine the two, he has created an additively manufactured actioncam mount with which he can record his jumps. In the interview, he reveals why he prefers the SLS material to a conventional actioncam mount.

Cyrill Aemisegger, how did you come up with the idea of designing and 3D printing your camera mount yourself?

Actioncams often come with very exposed mounts. In skydiving, this can lead to dangerous situations if, for example, the lines get caught on the camera when the parachute is opened. Chin mounts have been on the market for a short time. However, these either do not offer a good hold on the helmet or, in my opinion, are designed too weakly. Some also lack an emergency release system. This gave me the idea to design a mount especially for my helmet.

What particularly fascinates you about selective laser sintering compared to other printing processes?

There are no surfaces or edges on the helmet that can be quickly measured. So it is clear in advance that you have to reckon with several prototypes until the mount has a perfect fit. In contrast to other printing processes, with SLS there are no restrictions on shaping and such adjustments can be made in a very short time. In fact, I already had a satisfactory result with the second print.

The SLS parts are printed with the Sintratec technology and stable PA12 nylon powder

Why did you choose the Sintratec technology to print your parts?

Although I am also familiar with other printing processes, it was clear from the start that I would produce this component with Sintratec printers. In addition to the necessary material strength, the visual appearance was also decisive for me. The SLS process also makes it possible to “play around” with the design or even personalise the part with names.

How do the printed parts work exactly?

The camera mount is simply attached to the helmet with a rubber band through the ventilation slots. The rubber band is additionally secured with a pin that you can pull down in an emergency situation and thus disconnect the camera. True to the motto: “It’s better to have the camera off than the head off!”

The cam holder in action.

How robust and reliable is the camera mount compared to a conventionally manufactured camera mount for actioncams?

Unlike conventional systems, I have complete confidence in the quality and stability of the SLS result. I can concentrate completely on the jump and don’t have to worry about the camera.

What is the best skydiving experience you have ever had?

After many years in skydiving and over 600 jumps, there are many unforgettable moments. But the first jump from a hot air balloon is something a skydiver will never forget. The moment you let yourself fall, without the usual engine noise and headwind, is simply indescribable!

The SLS parts remain reliable even when landing.

“Material quality is indispensable in skydiving! That’s why I place my fullest trust in the stability of SLS components!”

Cyrill Aemisegger
Responsible for development, technology and production