3D printed pen holder by Stephan Henrich

Designer and Architect Stephan Henrich created a decorative pen holder. The design consists of six pen carrier modules and two floral trays for notes or cards. Fully 3D printed with PA12 nylon on the Sintratec S2, it demonstrates the great freedom of form offered by SLS.

Botany meets technology

Architect Stephan Henrich has become known for his innovative concepts for 3D printing – for example with his ‘Cryptide sneaker’. This time, he created a decorative piece for the office. «I had something botanical in mind when I designed the pen holder», Stephan Henrich explains. «The device is constructed in a modular way. It can carry four to six pens in these pen holder modules and it has two leaf-components to present eg. cards.»

Fully 3D printed assembly

The pen holder is constructed in a way that it can be assembled with 3D printed parts alone. «Every component is mounted onto a central bolt that also connects to a foot-element. So once the presenter is loaded with pens we have a composition that reminds of something floral but at the same time technical», Stephan Henrich says. «This demonstrates the freedom of form that SLS offers and the possibility to integrate technical functions like the snap closure in the central bolt.»
3D printed pen holder
Assembled the designer piece can hold up to 6 pens
Stephan Henrich

“SLS could become a way of thinking design.”

Stephan Henrich Designer and Lecturer Robotic-Design and Architecture