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3D Printing in Aerospace and Aviation

Additive Manufacturing for Durable, Lightweight, and Complex parts

On-Site Spare Parts Production

Reduce downtime and external supplier dependencies by producing spare parts in-house.

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Lightweight Aerospace Components

Create strong and lightweight parts to enhance fuel efficiency and overall performance.

Complex Part

Enjoy full design freedom with intricate structures, optimizing aerodynamics and functionality.


Accelerate development cycles with fast prototyping, bringing innovation to market faster.

Transforming Aerospace Manufacturing

From Complete Design Flexibility to On-Demand Manufacturing

Unleash the potential of Sintratec’s Swiss-made Modular Systems and transform your manufacturing processes with our state-of-the-art SLS 3D printing technology.

Proven in the field

Discover how our customers, spanning businesses of all scales and diverse industries, are leading

the transformation of 3D printing in research, prototyping and small series production

Samuel Ruetsche



“SLS is well suited for aerospace, because it allows for very light components and for several functions to be integrated into one part.”


Samuel Rütsche

Structural Engineer ARIS

David Häusermann



“The SLS technology and its excellent material properties are perfect for drone construction – high quality, robust and heat resistant parts.”


David Häusermann

Research Engineer EMPA

Alberto Ortona



“We will benefit more and more from the possibilities of additive technologies in the aerospace sector.”


Prof. Alberto Ortona

Director Hybrid Materials Laboratory SUPSI

high-tech sls systems
made in switzerland

Our 3D printers

We offer industrial SLS printers for all your manufacturing needs

Sintratec S3
Need speed? The Sintratec S3 packs a powerful 30-watt fiber laser and is designed for industrial manufacturing.
Sintratec S2

Need flexibility? The Sintratec S2 combines precision with performance and is used in a wide range of industries.

Sintratec Kit

The Sintratec Kit is the world’s first and only assembly kit in the field of SLS and comes at an unbeatable price.