Industrial SLS 3D Printing of Consumer Goods

Speed, Flexibility and Full Design Freedom.

Get products to your customers faster and fully customized. Enhance flexibility throughout your production process, from the design and prototyping stages to the manufacturing of final products.

Industrial SLS 3D Printing of Consumer Goods​

Printing for Manufacturers and Full customization for your customers

Achieving the perfect fit, tailored with SLS 3D Technology.

SLS 3D Printed Insoles – Redefining Podiatry

Custom Foot Insoles in Just 24 Hours

Mark Ireland, the visionary owner and lead podiatrist at Advanced Family and Sports Podiatry, has transformed his practice with the Sintratec S2. For almost three years, the Sintratec S2 has been at the core of their operations, enabling the team to design and produce over 1,300 pairs of tailored foot orthotics, enhancing patient comfort and support.

Customizing mountain bikes with SLS 3D Printing Technology

From Custom Grips to Chain Guides

From rapid prototyping to complete customization, tailored to your unique requirements. See how the Sintratec S2 system reshapes biking components, paving the way for exceptional performance. Discover the future of mobility with Sintratec!

A fully 3D Printed Shoe

with just One Material

Henrich’s Ingenious 3D Design: Printed on the Sintratec S2 with just one material – our rubber-like TPE elastomer, blending ergonomic design and comfort. Through strategic adjustments in wall thickness, certain areas are slightly stiffer, while retaining flexibility and softness in others.

Considering Integrating 3D Printing into Your Business?

Test our technology with your own designs!

3D Human Parts

Proven in the field

Discover how our customers, spanning businesses of all scales and diverse industries, are leading the transformation of 3D printing in research, prototyping and small series production
high-tech sls systems
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Our SLS 3D Printers

Industrial SLS 3D printers, ideal for rapid prototyping and small series to larger manufacturing setups, meeting all production needs with outstanding Swiss quality and reliability. 

Sintratec S3

The S3, an advanced Fusion Module equipped with a high-speed 30-watt fiber laser, is engineered to process industrial grade materials.

Sintratec S2

The S2 features a 10-watt fiber laser, enabling you to produce high quality parts and prototypes with exceptional properties and accuracy.

Sintratec Kit

World’s first assembly kit, optimized for research & education. Comes with open parameters and features adjustable laser and speed settings.