Research Calibration

3D Printing in Research and Education

Empowering Universities and Research Institutions

Accelerate research & development

3D printing enables rapid iterations of experimental designs, scientific equipment, and devices, leading to faster scientific advancements.

Collaboration across diverse fields

From engineering and medicine to art and design, 3D printing fosters innovative cross-disciplinary projects, driving groundbreaking discoveries and solutions.

Hands-on Learning

3D printing facilitates the creation of physical models and objects, elevating comprehension of complex concepts for effective learning and experimentation in an educational setting.

Advanced SLS 3D printing applications for research and education

Breaking new Ground in various Fields with SLS 3D Technology

Personalized and 3D printed​

Our Future Medicines

FabRx is the world’s first company that uses selective laser sintering to make medicines. Thanks to the pioneering work of the British spin-out from University College London, medicines may be 3D printed in the future.

Transforming SLS 3D prints into advanced ceramics

A Breakthrough in Additive Manufacturing

In a groundbreaking PhD project at the SUPSI University in Switzerland, Marco Pelanconi developed a novel hybrid additive manufacturing process to fabricate complex ceramic structures. The Sintratec Kit played an essential role in his research.

Building a fire-resistant drone

Baptism of Fire for Sintratec SLS 3D Parts

The fire drone developed by material scientists of the Swiss EMPA institute is intended as reconnaissance equipment during firefighting operations. To survive such extreme environments, the engineers relied on lightweight and temperature-resistant SLS 3D components by Sintratec.

New to Additive Manufacturing?

Discover the Sintratec Kit

  • Easy to Operate and Ideal for Research with its Open Parameters
  • Designed to Meet the Demands of Research & Education
  • New Possibilites for Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design and Rapid Prototyping
Sintratec Kit
Need Large Volume
SLS 3D Printing?
Sintratec S3
Need speed? The Sintratec S3 packs a powerful 30-watt fiber laser and is designed for industrial manufacturing.
Sintratec S2

Need flexibility? The Sintratec S2 combines precision with performance and is used in a wide range of industries.