Sintratec SLS Print Service

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Sintratec Print Service

How does the process work?

Design STL in CAD
Design your part in a CAD program and export as STL
Uploading STL
Fill in the form on our website and upload your STL file(s)
We check your file(s) and send you a quote
Quotation received
You review the offer and confirm it
Printing S3
We 3D print and clean the requested part(s)
You receive your part(s) within 5-10 business days

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    Print Service

    Our 3D printers

    We offer industrial SLS printers for all your manufacturing needs

    Sintratec S3
    Need speed? The Sintratec S3 packs a powerful 30-watt fiber laser and is designed for industrial manufacturing.
    Sintratec S2

    Need flexibility? The Sintratec S2 combines precision with performance and is used in a wide range of industries.

    Sintratec Kit

    The Sintratec Kit is the world’s first and only assembly kit in the field of SLS and comes at an unbeatable price.