Building a rear rack for a suspension bike

Development engineer Peter Kümmerli is a true expert when it comes to combining SLS parts with other materials and turning them into real life solutions. In a recent project he constructed a custom rear carrier and side stand for an electric suspension bike.
Suspension Bike with carrier rack
With the help of the SLS technology, engineer Peter Kümmerli built a custom bike carrier rack and bike stand.

Combining SLS with other materials

Peter Kümmerli is a development engineer for drone technology from Switzerland and over the years has gained a high level of expertise in combining laser sintered work pieces with all kinds of materials. His work is oriented around drones and robotics, last year however he focussed on a different kind of project: For his electrical suspension bike it was not possible to attach a stand or rear carrier, so Peter designed a simple but efficient prototype himself.

Steel, carbon, and PA12

Using steel plates and carbon fiber rods from his workshop, the robust framework of the rear rack was quickly realized. To get the right shapes and angles and to hold the system together, Peter relied on the selective laser sintering (SLS) process. The necessary mechanical components were subsequently 3D printed on the Sintratec S2 system with robust PA12 nylon.

Bike Carrier Rack with SLS components
SLS component and carbon fiber rod
Bike Stand attachement with SLS parts
SLS 3D printed bike components
The bike components were 3D printed with robust PA12 nylon.

Components made to last

After over a year of use, during summer and winter time, in different weather conditions and with heavy load on it, the prototype has proven to not only be functional but also durable. «I’m happy with the quality. The parts do not change color and the material remains stable – it works perfectly», Peter summarizes.
Peter Kuemmerli

“SLS is a very powerful solution. I am absolutely free in terms of design and I can create very strong and sturdy end products.”

Peter Kümmerli
Mechanical engineer