Sintratec Shoe Design Contest

3D printing has become a great way to bring the most fascinating shoe designs to life – in ways that would not be possible with conventional methods. Do you have a unique idea for footwear but no access to industrial 3D printers? Then this Sintratec Design Contest is the ideal chance for you!

Customizing a Mountain Bike with SLS 3D Printing

Sintratec service technician Dario is a passionate mountain bike rider. To optimize his bicycle, he redesigned various components and 3D printed them on the Sintratec S2 system. Once assembled, the parts were successfully put to the test on a downhill trail.

Top 5 Reasons for SLS 3D printing

Have you ever wondered what the key advantages of Selective Laser Sintering are? We produced a video with our top 5 reasons that would make this powder bed technology the ideal choice for your next manufacturing project!

The perfect solution for material research

SLS Technology in Comparison to FDM / SLA

3D Printing and Research

Selective Laser Sintering