Leading the Charge with Selective Laser Sintering

At Schneider Electric SE, machine components, wear parts, and prototypes are manufactured with the help of 3D printing. To further advance product development, Brandon Alves and his team use a Sintratec S2.

From prototypes to cutting-edge shears

At INFACO the next generation hand power tools for agriculture are designed and manufactured. To speed up product development, the French company relies on modern technologies like Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).

Bringing production up to speed with SLS

At the ‘Atelier Gorge de Loup’ in Lyon, students undergo hands-on training for technical professions. To respond better to their client’s needs, Denis Brude and his team are also including modern 3D printing equipment like the Sintratec S2 into their workshop.

Advancing glass processing with 3D printing

At LiSEC – a manufacturer of flat glass processing machinery – components, spare parts and prototypes are produced using 3D printing. For one year, the team of Benjamin Kaubeck has also been using a Swiss system to this end: the Sintratec S2.

Taking student rocketry to new heights

With their hybrid rocket, student project PICCARD reaches an altitude of over 6 kilometers and sets a new world record. For the construction of their winning rocket, the team relied on various 3D printing technologies such as Selective Laser Sintering.

Augmented Reality meets Laser Sintering

At the Zurich University of the Arts, augmented reality and 3D printing are being examined as potential teaching materials of the future. For the innovative project, Sintratec provided a 3D printed replica of an archaeological find.

Bringing robots to life with 3D printing

Students of the project Dyana are fusing animation and robotics together to create a cat-like character with realistic movements. To manufacture their intricate prototype, Andrina Grimm and her team also rely on Sintratec’s 3D printing technology.

3D Printed Components for a Greener Mobility

ETH students of the Paris Hybrid project are integrating a new hybrid drive train that will improve our road traffic ecologically. To support this low-emission mobility project, Sintratec sponsored 3D printed nylon components to the students.

Faster treatment with 3D printed orthoses

Australian company Advanced Family & Sports Podiatry manufactures customized foot orthoses on the Sintratec S2 system. The 3D printer’s production capabilities allow Mark Ireland and his team to provide a timely and individualized treatment to their patients.

High-tech Meets Haute Cuisine

Gourmet chef André Kneubühler relies on 3D printing for the presentation of his sophisticated dishes. At the «Golden Chef», the most important Swiss cooking competition, he achieves the third place – also with the help of the Sintratec technology.