As industrial designers, we at VIEWSDESIGN need high-quality models to test our visions for their feasibility. The manufacturing of these models by conventional, mechanical methods is expensive and above all, time-consuming. Nowadays, for us to take this extra time is no longer an option due to ever faster innovation cycles.


We are a young start-up company with the aim of developing a 3D printer for large components at an attractive price. In addition we offer a 3D printing service and engineering services.

The UK Spacemodelling Team

The UK Spacemodelling Team is a small group of enthusiasts from all over the UK who participate at World Championship level under rules governed by the FAI (Federation Aeronautic International).

Paul Scherrer Institute

We here at Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Switzerland are not only working on large-scale projects but enabling small and medium sized business to do world class scientific research. In the Swiss additive manufacturing start-up Sintratec we have found a business partner to demonstrate the drastic improvements that can be made with access to the PSI’s cutting-edge equipment and brilliant researchers.

Customer Story Neiff

Every client receives a kitchen knife with a handle that is ergonomically fitting his handgrip. Thanks to an internally developed and patented technology we are able to produce kitchen knifes which are pleasant to use and impress by their elegant appearance from your 3D scanned hand.

Stiftung Domino

The charitable foundation Domino is committed to improve the life quality and the social integration of people with disabilities. That also includes that we offer services to integrate certain production steps for manufacturing companies but in contrast to profit-oriented firms we try to involve as many of our employees as possible in order to fulfill these tasks.

Sintratec built Sintratecs with Sintratecs

It is hard to turn your visions and ideas into reality. The way to our first commercialized laser sintering system, the Sintratec Kit, was very long. We had to solve many problems and surmount various challenges. One of them was the production of the custom holder of the main focus lens.


That’s Jim. The first bizarre character that we made for one of our games. In our indiegames place we’re creating new exciting characters and objects every day. It’s a long way from the first scratch to the finished 3D-character or object, which needs a lot of attention to detail but also the courage to jettison again a large part.