Building a rear rack for a suspension bike

Development engineer Peter Kümmerli is a true expert when it comes to combining SLS parts with other materials and turning them into real life solutions. In a recent project he constructed a custom rear carrier and side stand for an electric suspension bike.

Replacing car parts with SLS 3D printing

Injection molded components are common inside cars. But what if they break and there are no spare parts available? That is exactly why our colleague replaced the latch lid clip of his center console with an SLS 3D printed PA12 part – precise, robust and durable.

A 3D Printed Laptop Stand

Selective laser sintering allows not only for stable applications, but can also be very practical for everyday life. We 3D printed this adjustable laptop holder to provide a better angle when working on a notebook – a useful helper for the office and for on the road.

The “Earth Moc” shoe concept by Daniel Shirley

Performance Footwear Designer Daniel Shirley created the “Earth Moc concept”, a recovery shoe for light hiking. Inspired by intertwining roots and vines, the single material shoe was 3D printed on the Sintratec S2 system  with flexible TPE. In the video, the designer shares his thoughts and challenges.

“The Cryptide sneaker” by Stephan Henrich

German designer & architect Stephan Henrich created a fully 3D printed shoe called “The Cryptide”. The creature-like footwear is specifically designed to be laser sintered on the Sintratec S2 System with flexible TPE material.

In Times Of Need – A Sintratec Holiday Story

A nutcracker with a broken handle ends up near the Sintratec headquarters where it is rescued and repaired with the help of 3D printing. Made with robust PA12 material, the replacement part works just as planned – saving the Christmas spirit of the Sintratec employees.

SLS 3D printed spider decoration

SLS 3D printed spider decoration We designed and SLS 3D printed with Sintratec TPE powder a spider decoration which was laser sintered on the Sintratec S2 System. Our 3D operator put it on the test on his rusty looking motorcycle.

An SLS 3D printed cryptic Puzzle – by Sintratec

An SLS 3D printed cryptic Puzzle We designed and 3D printed a crypted riddle which was laser sintered on the Sintratec S2 System. Inside the part, we hid a small gift and challenged two students to solve the puzzle.

SLS Mask Strap Holder

SLS Mask Strap Holder A medical mask can be painful for the ears, especially when it has to be worn throughout the day in the office or public spaces. That is why we at Sintratec use our own 3D printed mask strap holders, laser sintered with stable PA12 on the Sintratec S2 System.

A laser sintered Orthosis designed by Stephan Henrich

Stephan Henrich has designed a prototype of an orthosis that was subsequently 3D printed on the Sintratec S2 System The part is intended to be worn after a wrist overload or injury when it is still necessary to restrict the mobility of the arm as a protective measure.