Webinar: Transforming Ideas into Realities

We held the first Sintratec Webinar with pioneering Additive Designer Stephan Henrich last march. Now Henrich has prepared a follow-up course about his additive designing process, from the idea in his head to the physical 3D part. Register now for the second Sintratec Webinar and expand your AM knowledge – it is 100% free! We will notify you via E-Mail once the Webinar goes live on Thursday, the 11th of June at 5pm CET.

Webinar: The Potential of Selective Laser Sintering

We held the first Sintratec Webinar with pioneering additive designer Stephan Henrich. In the exclusive course, Henrich introduced the viewers to the fascinating world of the different additive technologies and especially Selective Laser Sintering with its many possibilities, its advantages and disadvantages. Rewatch the Webinar for free and gain insight on how a leading AM professional designs!