A part is broken / missing

Contact the support via case system. We will provide spare parts

My printer encounters an error and the surface temperature shows only 20°C

Your IR sensor is probably broken. Contact the support via case system.

My lamps don’t work

Your IR sensor is probably damaged. Contact the Sintratec support via support case system.

Powder leaks out of the building chamber

The printer is not sealed properly. this may have two reasons:

  1. The lift seal fabric is worn out or is not assembled correctly
  2. The gaps in between the chambers were not sealed properly. Seal them with high temperature glue.

My laser is not working.

Check if the door safety switch is triggered and the laser safety key switch is turned right. Both are needed to be able to turn on the laser. If this does not solve the problem open a support case in our support system.

I printing with really high temperatures, but the print still curls from the print surface

Your temperature reading is probably wrong. This may have the following reasons:

  • The laser Glass is in front of the IR sensor
  • The IR sensor is not all the way down the sensor tube
  • The lid with the fans is removed, causing the sensor to overheat
  • The laser box is removed, causing the sensor to overheat

How do I maintain my printer?

There are a few things to watch out for: – You should clean the laser glass regularly, best after every print job – Keep the guides free from powder – Clean the wheels with a toothbrush when needed – Empty your powder bin after every print, don’t let it overflow – From time to time take the hat out of the base and remove the powder from the base.