Are there any safety concerns?

We recommend wearing a dust mask while refilling powder, removing excess powder or recycling powder.

Always unplug the Sintratec Kit before opening the cover plate or servicing the Sintratec Kit in general.

Always wear the laser safety glasses when removing the laser safety box or when calibrating the laser.

How do I get the powder out of my printer?

We recommend buying an ash vacuum cleaner. Please get in contact for a recommendation of a vacuum cleaner.

Where can I buy new powder?

You can order new powder via our webshop or contact us directly via .

Does the powder bear any health risk?

No, the powder does not cause any health risk, but we advise to wear a dust mask when handling the powder.

Can I use white powder?

Any other powder than our own PA12 and TPE powders are not supported yet. Feel free to try it out tough we are always glad about feedback.

Can I use used powder again?

Yes, you can sieve the used powder and use it again. Keep in mind that recycled powder needs to be printed a bit hotter. As for the sieve we recommend a mesh width of 150 microns or 100 mesh.