What resolution has the Sintratec Printer?

The Sintratec Kit prints with a layer height of 100 to 150 microns. Note that due to the nature of laser sintering, the apparent surface finish is much better than FDM prints.

My prints are XX% bigger/smaller than they should be. But my calibration pattern fits perfectly.

The Pattern is just for rough calibration. You can tweak up 5% in the Software. It’s located in the 4th tab under Calibrate.

When the laser scanns, there are areas that are bright/don’t melt well.

The laser glass is probably dirty. Install a new laser glass.

During printing the print bed gets increasingly darker and the prints are hard to clean.

The print bed is too hot, decrease the print bed temperature by 1 degree C.

Sometimes a layer seems to sperate from the rest of the print, what can I do?

The phenomenon is called “curling” and results in a print failure, it happens due to cold spots on your print bed.

Take the following steps:

  • first make sure you are preheating the printer for the full standard preheating time
  • increase the print bed temperature by 1 degree C (or more, if necessary)
  • decrease the laser scan speed by 100-200 mm/s if necessary

My prints seem brittle, what can I do?

Your laser scan speed is to fast and/or the temperature of your print bed is too low.