Modifying the Sintratec Blasting Station

Sintratec’s Mechanical Engineer Angelo Bulgheroni designed and 3D printed stable PA12 adapters to mount a suction hose to the Sintratec Blasting Station. Angelo made two different versions and he will explain what they are for and how to mount them to this peripheral system.

Two different adapter versions

Version 1: Previously, air pressure could lead to powder being blown out of the Sintratec Blasting Station. Version 1 solves this problem by creating an under pressure.

Version 2: Changes your bead blasting station to a final cleaning station. Blow away the remaining dust that is stuck on the part. The vacuum cleaner will introduce a negative pressure in the chamber to keep it sealed and suck in all the remaining loose powder and dust.

Download and print your own

All adapter parts were selectively laser sintered on the Sintratec S2 System with our stable PA12 nylon powder.

Simply download the STL files below for free and 3D print your own!