Print Your Mind: A wearable Third Hand

To assist him in his daily production work, Sintratec 3D Operator Tomy designed a wearable third hand. 3D printed on the Sintratec S2 System, the part consists of a stable PA12 wrist brace, a flexible TPE strap and various movable tools.

A helping hand in difficult times

Especially in times of a pandemic, when you don’t always have another person around to assist you, a mechanical helping hand can be particularly useful. That is why Sintratec 3D Operator and scientific draughtsman Tomy designed 3D this extraordinary wearable third hand. Subsequently 3D printed – on the Sintratec S2 system – and assembled, it is now used for all kinds of craft work in our in-house production.

Third Hand with descriptions

One part – multiple materials

Tomy also made use of the material variety that the S2 system offers: The wrist brace and the various tool attachments were laser sintered from stable Sintratec PA12 Nylon and therefore robust – while the wrist strap was 3D printed with Sintratec TPE, keeping it flexible and adjustable to the wearer’s arms. As tools his current version includes a flashlight mount, an extendable cable holder, as well as an alligator clip.