S2 Full Service

Supported Country: Switzerland

  • Remote ticketing support

    Remote ticketing support by Sintratec support department

  • Service hotline

    Service hotline during Sintratec business hours (for advanced issues call-back within one business day by specialized Sintratec engineer)

  • Advanced remote systems support *

    * Advanced remote systems support in combination with Sintratec MES (sold separately)

  • Wear parts discount

    20% discount on all S2 wear parts

  • 2 service jobs per year

    2 service jobs per year by service technician to service covered S2 systems, includes systems check, calibration and a list of wear parts to be replaced in service job

  • Offline software updates

    Distribution of offline software updates to non internet connected fleet

Price: CHF 6’000 per Year (+ CHF 3’000 for each additional S2 LSS)

Excl. approach & accomodation