Traditional manufacturing methods are no longer the only way to produce parts or products for bringing them to market. 3D printing, for example, shows many advantages when it comes to the technological side. Moreover, additive manufacturing systems need less space than conventional machines.

But there are also benefits in terms of efficiency. 3D printing technology allows to fastly adapt design changes and to produce mechanically resilient parts that can be used as prototypes or directly as final products. Sometimes 3D printed components even don’t need to be manually assembled after its production. Thanks to 3D printing, it’s possible to print movable and functional parts at once – in only one production step.

The affordable Sintratec S2 compact system combines the hitherto individual processes of material preparation, printing and depowdering in a single production step. Thanks to the modular design you can extend your SLS machine park according to your own production needs. The intelligent and cloud-based system architecture of the Sintratec S2 enables you to decentralize the print job set up and real-time evaluations of your print job.

The Sintratec S2 is the first SLS machine on the market with separated sintering and material areas. Thanks to this intelligent solution various materials can be processed without tedious cleaning of the sintering area in between the printing processes. The optimum space geometry allows uniform and homogeneous print results – with minimal powder loss.

Advantages of Additive Production

Using SLS 3D printing to produce functional products have following benefits compared to conventional production methods Using SLS 3D printing to produce functional products have following benefits compared to conventional production methods:

Improved Production:

  • Produce professional, hyper-realistic prototypes
  • Make it industrial strength for your most demanding production needs
  • Reduce the production process complexity
  • Produce durable and functional parts faster than conventional production methods
  • Produce customized parts for each customer
  • No need for assembly

Simple 3D production process:

  • Minimized downtimes
  • Fast material changes
  • No tedious cleaning processes
  • Adapts to the user´s needs
  • Great for prototyping and low-volume production
  • Allowing functional testing under production conditions

What a Customer Says

“Werder Feinwerktechnik AG manufactures custom-made components, that often are extremely delicate. In order that our robot can grip these components without scratching them, we have to equip it with grippers that are just as delicate. Because the printing parameters of the Sintratec Kit can be freely configured, properties of the printed parts such as hardness or flexibility can be precisely controlled and optimally matched. Therefore we can perfectly suit the requirements of the workpieces. Since we need these unique grippers only in small quantities, it simply makes sense to 3D-print them.”

Claude Werder, Werder Feinwerktechnik AG

Sintratec is the leading Swiss developer and producer of precise 3D printers for professional use. The cost-effective and compact systems employ the selective laser sintering (SLS) technology in order to process high-quality polymer materials. By means of the Sintratec Technology, users can create complex objects with an exceptionally high freedom of design. Whether rigid or flexible, Sintratec materials are highly resilient and temperature-resistant. Sintratec systems are in operation worldwide in various industries, research institutes and universities.

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