Why become a Sintratec Reseller?

Sintratec partners contribute to advancing our vision worldwide.

Sintratec resellers are our professional partners who consult, support, sell and offer other services for our selective laser sintering (SLS) machines  and peripherals in their respective countries. Therefore, Sintratec resellers are extremely important and highly valued in the international environment. Sintratec partners benefit from our global marketing, sales network, attractive conditions and a constant state of the art know-how.

Advantages for Sintratec Resellers

  • Attractive conditions

  • Fast growing market with a lot of potential

  • Exchange & professional training in marketing, sales & service

  • Recurring revenue in an installed system base

  • Competent & professional support

  • A local positioning in the rapidly growing 3D printing market

What we expect

Passion, commitment and goal-oriented management. What do you expect from us?

Sintratec supports its Partners

Resellers have the freedom for their own marketing activities and to sell the products accordingly. However, you are not on your own – Sintratec supports you with sales and marketing coaching. We also provide online and on-site product and machine trainings.

What Resellers Say

“We have critically examined the market for a cost-effective compact system for the powder-bed process. With Sintratec as our partner, we have gained a perfect addition to our product portfolio. We were especially convinced by the modular and scalable system design.”

Sintratec People

August Kurz, Manufacturing Sales Director Solidpro

+49 734 596170

“We are extremely excited to join with Sintratec to promote, support and grow their vision with market leading Swiss engineered SLS 3D printing solutions here in Australia. The modular design means it’s a great starting point for prototypes, R&D projects and small to medium production runs.”

Sintratec S2

 Chris Fitzgerald, CEO Project 3D, Australia

+61 401 317 743

“We are convinced that Sintratec’s systems are a good entry into the SLS market. The printers are simple to operate and offer top quality!”

Sintratec Reseller

Wolfgang Kaltenegger, CEO, d4pro GmbH, Austria

+43 676 7618382

“I am very impressed with the quality and features of the parts coming out of the Sintratec S2 and believe, it is an excellent offering both in terms of price and technology. It is a great entry-level and professional machine for customers looking for SLS qualities at an affordable price.”

Become a Sintratec Reseller

Guy Engel, CEO at Caliber, Israel

+972 03 5657763

“With Sintratec we have now the right solution to answer prototype to mid-volume production in polymers with SLS technology.”

Sintratec Reseller

Alexandre Brosseau, Co CEO at KREOS, France

+33 472 53 97 31

“The Sintratec S2 is suitable for many purposes, from prototyping to the production of small series. The powder bed solution with its easy handling makes it a great choice for design and engineering companies as well as for research applications.”

Sintratec Reseller

Heidi Henttonen-Sorri, Key Account Manager at Tamspark Oy, Finland

+358 20 728 0740

“The Sintratec S2 compact system is the best SLS system on the market today. It convinces our customers in Germany with its process stability for fast prototypes as well as in the production of small series.”

Martin Stöcker, Teamleader VTDL & das dokuteam, Germany

+49 02509 99305 0

“Quality, flexibility and simplicity of Sintratec S2 SLS system brings 3D printing to another level. It is a must-have for prototyping or production of small end part series in engineering, creative, manufacturing and educational offices.”

Rimvydas Pundinas, CEO 3D Bonum, Lithuania

+370 684 688 26

“The Sintratec technology is a true game changer for 3DChimera. Where we used to focus on prototypes, we now have the ability to deliver short run production through AM.”

Sintratec Reseller

Alexander Hussain, Co-Founder & CEO 3DChimera, USA

+1 786 701 0700

“I am very impressed with the quality and features of the parts coming out of the Sintratec S2 and believe, it is an excellent offering both in terms of price and technology. It is a great entry-level and professional machine for customers looking for SLS qualities at an affordable price.”

Oğuz Sabri Çiner, Co-Founder Arketip, Turkey

+90 0224 243 92 29

“The Sintratec S2 is exactly what the market was missing, unrivaled for the production needs of end-use parts. CMF Marelli and our customers can verify its innovative character daily: Industrial quality, easy handling, finally affordable and sustainable in terms of operating costs.”

Marco Marcuccio, Sales Manager CMF Marelli, Italy

+39 02 61 82 401

“The Sintratec S2 is a modular scalable manufacturing platform, ideally suited for mechanical material properties. Designs with complex geometries can be easily produced and downtimes reduced. The manufacturing capabilities of SLS are excellent for the production of small to medium batches.”

Nattasit Monkeaw, Application Engineer, Mentel Co., Ltd., Thailand

+66 02719 6969


…In joining a fast growing and innovative high tech market?

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About Sintratec

Sintratec is the leading Swiss developer and producer of precise 3D printers for professional use. The cost-effective and compact systems employ the selective laser sintering (SLS) technology in order to process high-quality polymer materials. By means of the Sintratec Technology, users can create complex objects with an exceptionally high freedom of design. Whether rigid or flexible, Sintratec materials are highly resilient and temperature-resistant. Sintratec systems are in operation worldwide in various industries, research institutes and universities.