Sintratec S2 – the ideal response to special market needs

Morad, a leading distributor of aluminum and glass systems, is one of the first companies in Poland to implement the Sintratec S2 into their production. The modular SLS system is used to develop new products for the construction industry and to respond quickly to unconventional customer needs.
Morad SLS components
Morad SLS components
Morad SLS components
Stability guaranteed: These polymer parts were laser sintered on the Sintratec S2 and will be built into Morad’s advanced construction systems.

Polish aluminum solutions

Morad from Poland is involved in the design, manufacturing and distribution of aluminum and glass systems for the construction sector. To respond quicker and more flexibly to the requests of their R&D department as well as to special customer needs, the company decided to integrate additive technologies into their production. Selective Laser Sintering (“SLS”), a technology where a laser melts powder layers into three dimensional objects, has particularly caught the team’s interest. The accuracy allows for a high freedom of design and the resulting parts possess outstanding mechanical properties – both key factors for customized construction work. That is why Morad decided to invest in the Sintratec technology.

Isolated System Rendering
Isolated System Rendering
Isolated System Rendering
The aluminum joinery Systems AF50, AC62 and MZ30 by Morad are among the first projects where Sintratec S2 work pieces will be used.

One of the first S2 systems in Poland

Morad is among the first companies in Poland to acquire a Sintratec S2. In cooperation with the 3D printing department of Sintratec partner BIBUS MENOS, the modular SLS system has recently been installed at Morad’s production site near Gdansk. “With a 3D printer we have a big competitive advantage. We use it to create and develop new products. The possibility of prototyping allows us to carry out tests and significantly speed up the process of introducing new solutions, and thus reduce the costs of implementing products”, the Morad production states.
Sintratec S2 Mood Image
3D printing, de-powdering and preparing in one system: The Sintratec S2.

Faster production, less dependency

In-house additive manufacturing has already proven to be beneficial for Morad: “Undoubtedly, the advantage of having our own equipment is the fact that it makes us independent of external suppliers and allows us to reach customers who expect more and more innovative solutions.” Morad currently uses 3D printing for prototyping but also for the production of short series. The Sintratec S2 enables the team to produce unique work pieces tailored to the customer’s needs, such as window or railing covers, and other non-standard or unconventional design elements. Currently these parts are printed with Sintratec PA12 powder only – but with the S2’s multi-material capability, the Polish company plans to expand their material portfolio in the future.

Functional parts for balconies and door systems

For Morad the advantages of the process and the products manufactured with the Sintratec S2 technology are manifold: The possibility to print elements directly from CAD data, the high mechanical strengths of the work pieces, the repeatability of print results and the simplicity of making personalized components for the customers are all key benefits. Durability is particularly important when considering that many end parts are built into exterior constructions: “3D printing allows the delivery of functional models for Morad joinery aluminum systems. Components manufactured with the Sintratec S2 will be used in our products, mainly in the latest MZ-30 balcony building system, in the window and door building system AC-77HI, as well as the AC-62 and AF-50 facade building system.” Looking at Morad it is evident how a flexible, affordable system like the Sintratec S2 enables many new applications and solutions.
Morad Building Facade
Examples of Morad’s products: AC62 and AF50 systems were both used in the construction of these building facades.
Morad full building
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“The Sintratec S2 allows us to produce unique work pieces tailored to the customer's needs.”

Leading distributor of aluminum and glass systems for construction in Poland