Sintratec All-Material Platform

Tailor manufacturing to your application

Unique and patented in the field of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), the Sintratec All-Material Platform separates the cutting-edge Fusion Module (3D printer) from the movable Build Module (powder container). Thanks to this modularity both polymers and metals can be processed on the same system and exchanged rapidly without cross-contamination or lengthy cleaning processes.

The AMP’s novel modular approach allows for all current and future Sintratec modules to be compatible and interchangeable with one another. This means that you can seamlessly scale your manufacturing setup from one to ten or one hundred systems and tailor it perfectly to your application.
Sintratec All Material Platform

A New Era for SLS

The Sintratec All-Material Platform is our new additive manufacturing solution. In a world first, the AMP scales from prototyping to production and enables processing of all its materials on the same production line.

Selective Laser Sintering

Make use of SLS to produce superior parts.

Process all materials on the same production line.
Next-level flexibility
All AMP modules are cross-compatible.
Swarm manufacturing
Start with one system and seamlessly scale up.

All-Material Platform Modules

Modularity of our solution is a key advantage and allows you to expand your fleet and increase productivity whenever needed. It also allows you to exchange materials rapidly without cross-contamination or lengthy cleaning processes.

AMP Material Handling Modules


AMP Fusion Modules

The AMP Fusion Modules are at the heart of our system and include a high-tech fiber laser and all the optics – clearly separated from the powder.

The Sintratec S3 is the latest fusion module for the Sintratec All-Material Platform. Developed for around-the-clock SLS 3D printing, the S3 is a workhorse that packs a punch. Its 30-watt fiber laser fuses powder particles into precise, industrial-grade objects at unprecedented speeds.
The Sintratec S2 is the first-generation AMP Fusion Module and offers an excellent entry into the world of industrial 3D printing. Since its introduction in 2019, the Sintratec S2 has proven itself in a broad variety of industries worldwide for production, prototyping, and research.
High-tech Modules for all
your manufacturing needs

AMP Build Modules

The AMP Build Modules are designed to carry all Sintratec materials. The cylindrical build volume ensures an even heat distribution and consistent results.

Sintratec MCU-220

Sintratec MCU-220

The Material Core Unit 220 is a new Build Module compatible with all Fusion Modules of the AMP. The build volume of 15.2 liters makes the MCU-220 the ideal choice for large objects and a high throughput. Together with a high-speed coating system the module is built to meet the demands of industrial manufacturing.
Sintratec MCU-160

Sintratec MCU-160

The MCU-160 is the first generation AMP Build Module and well suited for the production of small to mid-sized work pieces. Multiple units dedicated to different powders allow you to increase the material variety and significantly reduce downtimes of your system.
Tailor manufacturing
to your application

AMP Material Handling Modules

Our material handling solutions that are specifically tailored to the Selective Laser Sintering technology.


Sintratec MHS

Once your print job is completed, simply move the AMP Build Module into the dedicated Material Handling Station for further processing. The freely accessible work area with an air filtration system gives you a clear view of the object while depowdering. Additionally, it allows you to easily collect, sieve and recycle the unused powder.

AMP Materials

The Sintratec materials have proven to be the right choice for mechanically demanding applications across a wide range of industries.

Customer Stories

Are you interested in how our customers use the Sintratec technology? Find our latest customer stories below.

Introducing Metal SLS 3D printing

The Cold Metal Fusion process expands the field of SLS into the world of metals. The printing material consists of metal powder integrated into a plastic binder matrix. After 3D printing, the green part is debinded in a chemical solution, followed by sintering the resulting brown part into a metal piece in a furnace.

Enter into our Beta program

Do you want to be among the first to unleash the full potential of the Sintratec All-Material Platform and venture into the realm of metal? Then do not hesitate to contact us and enter into our beta program.

A bicycle chainstay designed by SturdyCycles. Left: PA12 Nylon. Right: M2 Tool Steel. Both pieces were 3D printed on a Sintratec Fusion Module.

SLS 3D Printing
3D Printing
SLS Depowdering
SLS Debinding
SLS Sintering
SLS Metal Part
Metal Part

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