Sintratec Polishing

Sintratec Polishing Station

The magnetic tumbler for an optimal surface finish

€ 1'740

With the compact Sintratec Polishing Station your prints get a modern surface look. Remove surface impurities of your prints and provide them with a smooth, stainless steel like finish.

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Technical Specifications

The easy-to-use tumbler delivers top results in no time and allows multiple parts to be processed simultaneously. Product includes 1kg of stainless-steel magnetic polishing pins (length: 5mm, diameter: 0.6mm).

Net Weight

Gross Weight

Motor Speed
Polishing Amount
Polishing Chamber Size
360 × 400 × 370 mm

23 kg

28 kg
2,800 revolutions per minute
1500 g
Ø 290 x H160 mm