SLS 3D Printing Solutions for Engineering

Shrink Product Development Time from Months to Days

Proof of Concept

At INFACO the next generation hand power tools for agriculture are designed and manufactured. To speed up product development, the French company leverages Sintratec’s advanced SLS 3D printing technology.

Infaco Shears

Advancing Prototyping Precision with SLS Technology

Checking Screen
Accurate Shape Verification with SLS Technology

Sintratec’s SLS 3D printing empowers precise shape and geometry verification, ensuring high accuracy before transitioning to injection molding and series production.

SLS Robot Thighs
Versatile Prototyping with Robust Materials

Create prototypes using our robust materials that closely mimic intended end-use properties, facilitating more reliable product testing and evaluation.

SLS Part in Hand
Complete Design Freedom and Choice of Materials

Experience unparalleled design freedom and precision customization as you select from a wide array of materials with over 100 configurable parameters.

Cut Your Prototyping Cycle from Months to Days

Create Rapid Prototypes, Conduct Tests, Iterate on Your Design, and Print again
Design on PC
Design with high freedom of form
3D Print
3D print rapidly in-house
3D printed gripper
Assemble and test your parts
SLS 3D printed part
Adjust your design and repeat

Proven in the field

Discover how our customers, spanning businesses of all scales and diverse industries, are leading

the transformation of 3D printing in research, prototyping and small series production

high-tech sls systems
made in switzerland

Our SLS 3D Printers

Industrial SLS 3D printers, ideal for rapid prototyping and small series to larger manufacturing setups, meeting all production needs with outstanding Swiss quality and reliability. 

Sintratec S3

The S3, an advanced Fusion Module equipped with a high-speed 30-watt fiber laser, is engineered to process industrial grade materials.

Sintratec S2

The S2 features a 10-watt fiber laser, enabling you to produce high quality parts and prototypes with exceptional properties and accuracy.

Sintratec Kit

World’s first assembly kit, optimized for research & education. Comes with open parameters and features adjustable laser and speed settings.