Innovating Drone Manufacturing with SLS 3D Printing

Achieve Weight Reduction, Cost Efficiency and Design Innovation

Maximize Efficiency

Reduce weight up to 40%, resulting in

extended battery durations and

enhanced payload capacity.

Accelerate Production
Cut production time by 50-80% compared to traditional methods and streamline your path from concept to market.
Design Without Limits
Experience complete design freedom, allowing for the precise customization of drones to meet any application’s unique requirements.
Looking to Bring a Printer In-house to Speed up Your Development Timeline?

Discover how SLS Technology is Transforming Drone Design for Critical Applications

The Swiss Empa Institute’s Laboratory of Sustainability Robotics developed a special drone tailored for firefighting missions. Utilizing the Sintratec S2, the team constructed the drone to withstand and operate in extreme temperatures, providing real-time video data. 

Safeguarding Firefighters with Heat-Resistant Drones

Challenge Overview: Traditional drones falter under extreme heat, with components melting or burning away. Empa’s mission was clear: to develop a drone capable of enduring extreme temperatures with innovative materials and designs that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

SLS 3D Printing Drones
SLS 3D Printing Drones
SLS 3D Printing Drones

Design, Prototype and Manufacture with one Streamlined Workflow

Create Rapid Prototypes, Conduct Tests, Iterate Your Design and Print again

SLS 3D Printing Drones
Design without Limits
SLS 3D Printing Drones
3D Print Your Parts In-house
SLS 3D Printing Drones
Assemble Your Parts
Drone Flying
Test & Validate Components

SLS 3D Printing Materials for Drones

Sintratec’s SLS 3D printers are revolutionizing drone manufacturing by supporting a wide range of materials, from durable polyamide to flexible elastomer. This versatility enables the production of 3D printed drone parts tailored to meet specific performance and durability requirements.

With our technology, innovators in the drone industry can easily create lighter, stronger, and more efficient drones, opening new possibilities for applications in agriculture, surveillance, inspection, transportation, photography, and beyond.

SLS 3D Printed Drone Parts
SLS 3D Printed Drone Parts
SLS 3D Printed Drone Parts
SLS 3D Printed Drone Parts

Our SLS 3D Printers

Industrial SLS 3D printers, ideal for rapid prototyping and small series to larger manufacturing setups, meeting all production needs with outstanding Swiss quality and reliability. 

Sintratec S3

The S3, an advanced Fusion Module equipped with a high-speed 30-watt fiber laser, is engineered to process industrial grade materials.

Sintratec S2

The S2 features a 10-watt fiber laser, enabling you to produce high quality parts and prototypes with exceptional properties and accuracy.

Sintratec Kit

World’s first assembly kit, optimized for research & education. Comes with open parameters and features adjustable laser and speed settings.