Sintratec Kit: Most innovative product on the Polish market

Sintratec's new Polish distribution partner BIBUS MENOS receives a prize for launching the most innovative product on the Polish market in 2018 with the Sintratec Kit. The prize is awarded annually by the Association for Innovative Technologies Poland, which also organizes the “3D Printing Days” in Kielce.

"We are delighted that BIBUS MENOS has won this award for the launch of our product. Making SLS technology with innovative engineering accessible to a broad audience worldwide has always been our declared goal. The fact that our product is regarded as the most innovative product in the Polish market, which has been developing dynamically for many years in terms of technology, particularly honors us,” says Gabor Koppanyi, Head of Marketing and Sales at Sintratec.

Tomasz Weis, team leader at BIBUS MENOS adds: “We are very happy that we got this award. This shows that this desktop SLS system is a very interesting product on our market.”

The young Swiss company Sintratec is a pioneer in the development of compact SLS 3D printers. The Sintratec Kit is the first and only SLS system in kit format. The ease of use and the open parameters combined with the affordable price make the Sintratec Kit the perfect entry-level machine into the world of Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).