Sintratec Kit The Kit for productive prototyping

The Sintratec Kit is the ideal first step into the world of additive manufacturing. It is especially suitable for producing functional prototypes. The printer can be integrated in any production environment and is easy to operate

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3D Prints in almost infinite freeform, movable parts and high edge definition are ideal for the production of functional prototypes and models.

Laser sintering supports printing in nearly infinite freeform. You can even print movable assemblies and multiple nested objects all in one print.

The high-tech printing powder PA12 guarantees high stability and valence. Read more

Due to a very precise selectivity objects can be printed in high resolution. Therefore it is also possible to produce complex geometries with smooth edges and surfaces.

Technical Specifications

The maximum print volume is 110 x 110 x 110 mm. The recommended print volume is 90 x 90 x 90 mm.

The Sintratec Kit needs approx. 4 days assembly time (one person) and runs on 110V or 230V power connection. You can find more detailed information in the fact sheet below.

Fact Sheet

Success with crowdfunding

The Sintratec Kit has been a success story long before its launch. In 2014, the first limited series of 60 sets of the Sintratec Kit was financed within a month with the help of a crowdfunding campaign. Half a year later they were delivered to the first customers.The foundation stone for Sintratec enterprise could not have been laid without the participation of all the numerous supporters out there.


Particularly suitable for

Mechanical Engineering
Industrial Design
Spare Parts
Model Building
Sintratec has been making impressive strides, and their hard work is really beginning to pay off…
— Sarah Anderson Goehrke (



The compact laser diode works in the visible light spectrum and guarantees a constant quality of the printed objects. The diode has a fast on / off time, a consistent output and is easy to replace. 



The high-tech manufacturing powder PA12 (nylon) was specifically invented for the 3D printing sector. The powder guarantees high stability and resolution, especially when printing fine and complex objects. The powder color is anthracite. All objects can be surface finished and colored at any time. Read more


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Installation and commissioning of the Sintratec Kit are possible even without technical knowledge and take approximately four working days. Follow the step-by-step instruction included in the package for a better understanding.

We recommend you to install the printer in an environment where powder residues do not pose a problem. A normal power connection is sufficient for commissioning. The supplied software will start the printing process. The computer can be connected to the printer via USB port. We recommend you to buy a sandblaster in order to clean the printed objects properly.

Sample Guide


What are the main advantages of Laser Sintering compared to other 3D printing technologies?

Compared to stereolithography (SLA):

- Significantly more durable - Very robust even in UV light conditions - Freedom of form - no additional support structures needed - Higher thermal load

Compared to filament 3D printers (FDM):

- Significantly more sturdy - Higher resolution - Freedom of form - no additional support structures needed

Read more: Technology

What are the shipping costs?

Please send us your shipping address so we can check with our forwarding partner.

Are there any additional costs?

There might be local duties and taxes of your country charges. We recommend to check on before you order (use "3d printer kit" in the product description field).

Is the Sintratec Kit really a kit or does it come fully assembled?

The Sintratec Kit comes as a kit. You can assemble it with basic tools such as screwdrivers and allen keys. You will get the kit together with a detailed assembly manual.

On avarage it takes 4 days to assemble. If you expect it to be "plug-and-print" the Sintratec Kit is not suitable for you.

You can get an impression of the assembly manual here.

What materials can I use?

The main print material is a high performance polymer (nylon), the PA12 powder. To extend our material portfolio we're continuously researching on new material possibilities.

Visit our material section for more information.

Can I print metal powder?

No, you cannot print with metal powder with the Sintratec Kit.

Where can I order additional powder?

Please visit our web-store for additional powder or contact us for ordering larger amounts.

What is the retail price of the Sintratec Kit?

The retail price of the Sintratec Kit is 4999 EUR. 

What operating systems are supported?

The Sintratec Central Software supports Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 10 64-bit.

What are the prerequisites to run a Sintratec Kit after it has been assembled?

You need a well ventilated room.

You will need enough space around the printer to refill powder, remove excess powder and recycle it.

You need a computer meeting the Sintratec Software requirements as well as an Internet connection to download and update the software.

You need a regular power socket. If you live in a country with different power plug, you need an adapter or a regular computer power cord with your local plug-type neck.

What resolution has the Sintratec Kit?

The Sintratec Kit prints with a layer height of 100 to 150 microns. Note that due to the nature of laser sintering, the apparent surface finish is much better than FDM prints.

How fast is the laser scanning?

The speed of the laser scanning is depending on the material and the settings used. You can print with 650mm/s and more.

Are there any safety concerns?

We recommend wearing a dust mask while refilling powder, removing excess powder or recycling powder.

Always unplug the Sintratec Kit before opening the cover plate or servicing the Sintratec Kit in general.

Always wear the laser safety glasses when removing the laser safety box or when calibrating the laser.

How long does it take to assemble a Sintratec Kit?

We found that a person assembling alone needs on average four days to assemble and set up a Sintratec Kit.