Sintratec SLS 3D Printers

SLS 3D printing systems made in Switzerland

Sintratec’s Professional SLS 3D printers provide an extensive array of possibilities perfectly suited for both small and larger companies alike. Whether it is rapid prototyping or end-use applications, our SLS technology empowers businesses of all sizes to create high-quality, functional parts with efficiency and precision.

The industrial SLS solution for multi-material and high throughput.

The world’s first and only SLS assembly Kit for prototyping and research.

Additional hardware options for depowdering and post-processing.

Sintratec Material Range

Find the Right Material for Your Application

Explore the Power of Industrial-Grade SLS 3D Printing Powders

Our technology

The Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) process makes use of the thermoplastic properties of polymer materials. Inside the 3D printer a powerful laser fuses the powder particles layer by layer into accurate three dimensional objects. Once printed, the parts are cleaned inside peripheral handling stations and post processed if needed.